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I have noticed reading thru Karen's work that she updated a great deal of her software. This is a habit of good programmers because if you do not reference your code from time to time you will forget what you have done and must relearn it very quickly if you have issues with it.

I say this because if I post a newsletter article from Karen and there is an updated version I may not have the older version of the software to share. Sorry, just trying to do my best. It's the boy scout in me.

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Its' the Jolly Roger! Time flies......where did it all start?

They say times flies like a leaf in the wind,
I say fruit flies like a banana.....
They do....

Thanks to Karen loyal fans, I made a new friend, Roger from Florida. I'll call him "Jolly Roger" as I suspect he is a bit of a Pirate and a nomad.   He sent me a copy of "the Karenware CD" Karen sent out to paid subscribers to her program updates.  Hooray!

For the first time I got a change to see the programs she created just for CD release and I am really excited to see them. Also on the CD are the newsletters she wrote from 1997 to 2009. I am not certain they are all complete but I have them and am planning on a way to present them so everyone can read and learn from them. I will be posting them in order as she wrote them about 1 a week, for now.  I will try to update them to as well but that will take longer. Hey it took her about 6 months, I hope to do it quicker.

To show my appreciation for Roger's help in this matter I will add a little JR:) whenever…

SHOW STOPPER Shutdown, Power Off, Reboot via desktop

Show stopper written by Karen Kenworthy Posted August 16, 2007 2.1.3

Shutdown, Power off, Reboot, Log Off, Suspend or Hibernate -- all from a desktop shortcut or a command line as well as a GUI. Great Program for those of us who work remotely to a system who's policy will not all you access to this thru normal means.

Pretty simple to use.
Select from the radio buttons what you want the computer to do then the ACTION button ( below ti says SHUTDOWN NOW) will change to that action.  Press the button it does what you selected.

=You can setup actions for the system to perform before it shuts down so if you need to shutdown services etc you can add that to a group and it will perform those actions before it performs the LAST action...(Shutdown/RESTART etc)

VERY useful tool, when remoted onto a system the administrator often hides these functions so it is great to have a way to perform these actions without having to call the server center for help.

 Download Original Karenware Show Sto…

All of that and a bag of Chips

Here is a list of the software Karen had in her Power tools. The top is the most recent and the bottom is the oldest:

Zone Manager  March 18, 2010
Create desktop shortcuts to time zones, even create and edit your own time zones! Also synchronize your computer's clock to an ultra-precise Internet Time Server

LAN Monitor December 21, 2009
Monitor your computer's connections to other computers (on your KAN and on the Internet). See real-time traffic statistics.

Replicator November 28, 2009
Automatically backup and copy files.

Once-A-Day II November 16, 2009
Automatically perform tasks, the first time Windows Starts or user logs on.

Directory Printer November 5, 2009
Print to a text file or printer, the names, and other information, of all folders and files in a directory.

Alarm Clock November 9, 2008 (update from Jan 1999)
Turn your valuable computer into a $20 alarm clock....

Time Sync November 9, 2008
Automatically sync your computers clock to any of the ultra-precise Internet Time Se…

Karen Kenworthy, Karenware and Power tools!

Karen Kenworthy was a wonderful programmer/writer and best of all great person. She wrote for Windows Magazine and and her PowerTools newsletter had over 80,000 subscribers. She shared with everyone her kindness, work and life.  Not a soul I have ever met would have said an unkind word about her. I was very familiar with her work at the magazine, a subscriber to both the magazine and Karen's web site.

Karen was kind, honest and well organized and put everything out there to share.  Not many do now a days.  She responded to every email I ever sent and sent every bit of code out freely to those of us who shared her passion. She called it 'Karenware' and 'Power tools'. I kept every bit of code she ever sent to me or that I downloaded from her site. In all there are 35 or so programs she wrote and tweaked and shared. There are many who can share stories of her kindness and generosity.

My heart sank, April 12, 2011, the day she passed away and I remember hear…